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Altis Hotel in San Benedetto del Tronto has a huge air-conditioned restaurant room where to taste a unique and tasty kitchen, able to satisfy all your needs, thanks to a wide range of traditional dishes, made with natural and fresh ingredients.


The quality of the dishes

Our dishes quality is in the taste itself, in the scents of a well-finished, passionate and professional kitchen. Every day our triple menu will offer you different recipes, meat or fish based, accompanied by vegetables, sweets, fresh fruits and water... And if you travel with your kids, you will have flexible hours. Altis Hotel is waiting for you, here in San Benedetto del Tronto!




Picena cooking

The Marchigiana traditional cooking mixes the country tradition to the marine one, because of the features of our Region, that hosts both the Appennines and the Adriatic Coast.

Really used are the vegetables, legumes, erbs, meat, cold cuts, cheeses; but if you move on the coast, you can taste fish based dishes, such as the "brodetto", a typical soup. Among the most known dishes are the typical fried olive ("oliva all'Ascolana"), made with the olive oil from Ascoli, filled with a mix of meats and parmesan, then coat and fried.

About the "brodetto", it seems that it was made with poor fishes, that was eaten by the fishermen while working, with only few ingredients, such as tomatoes, peppers, onion.

A simple recipe but really tasty, prepared by the best Chefs and at home, where everyone has customized it according to his preferences.

You will not be disappointed by the Marchigiana cooking: enjoy it!

A kitchen with passion